State Channels

State Channels are the solution for leveraging off-chain performances in the blockchain world.

A new paradigm

State Channels help the structures you build execute thousands and thousands of micro-transactions outside of the blockchain network, all the while maintaining high levels of blockchain-powered security thanks to fully-audited smart contracts.

The only concrete linkages to the blockchain network are the initiating and ending transactions. The entire process pipeline creates less of a strain on CPU processing capabilities, resulting in fewer transaction costs, and diminishes the chances of generating unneeded chain blocks.




With state channels, your solution can run an unlimited number of private, safe transactions and execute smart contracts while only paying for the cost of two - meaning that, for the effort of covering mere two transactions, you get to complete an infinite number of them.


All at lightning speed.



Using State Channels leads to the number of on-chain transactions being reduced to the bare minimum - solely those that are required to perform in order to open and close the State Channel. This approach reduced transaction costs and increased speeds which accompany the usage of the advanced æternity blockchain.


Secure, at scale

More specifically, State Channels are, in essence, a blockchain transaction scaling solution. State Channels achieve this via leveraging off-chain transaction speeds while at the same time maintaining integral levels of security that are a staple characteristic of on-chain transactions.



By utilizing State Channels, users can execute a virtually unlimited number of transactions safely while only paying the price of two — the first and the last.

Oh, and all of this — lightning quick.


Use cases

There are plenty of use cases that can take great advantage of State Channels. For example the existing use cases where we use cryptocurrency as a payment for on-demand services like Pay-per-View or Pay-per-Read. In addition, other big industries like gaming and gambling can benefit from using State Channels.

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Give it a go

See by yourself the versatility, speed, and efficiency of State Channels

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