Mining on æternity

Ever since the Ethereum merge and the Proof of Stake switch, there has been a hash power vacuum in the crypto mining ecosystem. The æternity blockchain, as one of the longest-running and most resilient Proof of Work blockchains, comes to the fore as the best option for all crypto mining efforts.

Profitable mining

Mining is the cornerstone for any and all Proof of Work blockchains out there, seeing as how it is what guarantees the security and stability of the entire framework. Through mining, blockchain power is unleashed- all who take part can contribute hash power and make sure that the æternity blockchain persists, along with all that it stands for persists. That, and obtaining a reward for their work, of course.

The æternity blockchain has an inherent, long-standing link with the very concept of Proof of Work and will, as such, remain on the barricades as the best place for all miners to mine — be it solo or in a pool. (For pools, we recommend 2miners or Woolypooly).

Hardware recommendations

Software recommendations

Mining pools

Mining community

Join the community

Build the future of Blockchain along with great minds from all around the world.

Join the Community

Join the æternity Forum to get in touch with the amazing æcosystem community members, engage in inspiring discussions, and join forces so you can start developing your own æpplication on æternity. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply for a grant

The Aeternity Foundation (AF) is very much involved with the community! It supports and promotes the open-source development of the æternity protocol and surrounding parts of the æcosystem. The ACF promotes and rewards technical excellence and user-friendly applications focusing primarily on blockchain technology.

Let us know what you wish to build!

Develop the æcosystem

Regardless of your levels of developer aptitude, knowledge, experience, or background — all you need is strong motivation. Learn more and connect with the next generation of open source blockchain contributors on the æternity Discord server and stay tuned for upcoming hackathons.

Get Æ!

There are a lot of cool ways to get Æ coins and start your æcosystem adventure. You can get Æ using Superhero, accepting P2P payments via your wallet, doing swaps, completing bounties on Zealy, or buying on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Explore all of the ways to get Æ coins right here!

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