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Account management - intended usage

Each node handles one account.

The following assumes that the node exposes at address the following ports: * User API external HTTP endpoint: 3013 * User API internal HTTP endpoint: 3113

Retrieve beneficiary public key

Retrieve the beneficiary public key of your node:


You shall read output like the following:


Retrieve balance

Retrieve balance for given public key (replace the public key in the command):

curl -G ''

You shall read output like the following...

{"balance":80, "id":"ak_N1WLMewMQPUyQBdEhXRSYee84RQNKJrECwbbseMkNsZhv1X", "nonce":0}

... or - if you do not have tokens yet e.g. because you have not yet mined a block successfully - the following:

{"reason":"Account not found"}