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æternity protocol

This document defines the æternity protocol. It replaces the outdated whitepaper.


Any specification living in here is to be understood as a work in progress until the feature freeze for the mainnet launch. After the feature freeze amendments or changes to these specifications should only be done via the governance mechanisms.

The drafts directory contains specifications that are currently being implemented or considered for implementation.


Aeternity Naming System

Smart Contracts

State Channels

Serialization formats

Aeternity node

The Aeternity node is the reference implementation of the Aeternity protocol. Since we don't want to fragment relevant information too much, documentation specific to the Aeternity node, such as API descriptions, will be kept in this repository until we decide for a better solution.


Outdated Whitepaper v0.1

The early whitepaper v0.1 is outdated and can be found here.