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Wallet module


import Wallet from '@aeternity/aepp-sdk/es/ae/wallet'

exports.Wallet([options]) ⇒ Object

Wallet Stamp

Kind: Exported function
Returns: Object - Wallet instance
rtype: Stamp

Param Type Default Description
[options] Object {} Initializer object
options.url String Node instance to connect to
[options.accounts] Array.<Account> Accounts to initialize with
[options.account] String Public key of account to preselect
[options.onTx] function Tx method protector function
[options.onChain] function Chain method protector function
[options.onAccount] function Account method protector function
[options.onContract] function Contract method protector function


  url: '',
  accounts: [MemoryAccount({keypair})],
  address: keypair.publicKey,
  onTx: confirm,
  onChain: confirm,
  onAccount: confirm
  onContract: confirm