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Send Online Top-up. Instant Wallet Recharge

Recharge your wallet on the aeternity testnet


Configuring Faucet application via enviornment variable:

  • TOPUP_AMOUNT The amount of tokens that the faucet application will place into your account. (Default value 250)
  • FAUCET_ACCOUNT_PRIV_KEY The account that faucet aepp will top off the account.
  • EPOCH_URL URL of the node that the faucet aepp is using. (Default value '')
  • EPOCH_URL_DEBUG URL of the node that the faucet aepp is using (debug endpoints). (Default value '')
  • TX_TTL How many key blocks will live before it is mined (Default value 100)
  • EXPLORER_URL Url of the explorer app (Default value '')
  • TX_PAYLOAD Value to use to fill the payload for the transactions (Default value Faucet Tx)
  • NETWORK_ID The network id (Default value ae_devnet)

Telegram integration

  • TELEGRAM_ENABLED enable telegram notifications
  • TELEGRAM_API_TOKEN the token of the telegram bot
  • TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID the chat id to send notifications to