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List Library Sophia Smart Contract

Defines list functions that you would expect to find in a standard library for any functional programming language.


Copy needed functions in your code or deploy as standalone library similar to explained in

After the minerva hardfork it will be possible to use this code as namespace as well.


Testing using forgae is very limited for this example, as there is currently no option to pass functions as arguments using the node api

Implemented functions

more detailed typespecs are found in the code

  • size(list): int
  • map(function, list): list
  • foldr(function, intitial_value, list): value
  • foldl(function, intitial_value, list): value
  • filter(function, list): list
  • find(function, list): option(value)
  • sum(function, list): int
  • reverse(list): list
  • insert_by(function, value, list): list