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AEX: 10
Title: Derivation path for deterministic wallets
Author: Andrea Giacobino (@noandrea), Denis Davidyuk (@davidyuk)
License: BSD-3-Clause
License-Code: ISC
Status: Final
Type: Informational
Created: 2019-03-04

Simple Summary

This aexpansion specify the derivation path used in the Aeternity blockchain for deterministic wallets


The aexpansion is meant to avoid incompatibility with deterministic wallet implementations across the Aeternity landscape and to make it easy for the derivation path to be found.


Accounts derivation path is taken from BIP-0044, except that in all path segments hardened derivation is used since SLIP-0010 does not support public derivation.

The derivation path (m/purpose'/coin_type'/account_index'/change'/address_index') is therefore:


where account_index and address_index are integer starting from 0.

The coin type value for Aeternity, 457, has been generated on and is registered in SLIP-0044.