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We were sponsored a 1000 ETH Bounty by Simply VC Co Ltd for populating the Wiki with meaningful content. Turn your ideas into gold until 29th of May!

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æternity’s Meetup Bounty Campaign!

Get rewarded with 3000 AE tokens for initializing a meetup in your City!

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Past Meetups

Our Meetup will be focused on the potentials of the new cryptocurrency Aeternity, linked to Smart contracts, Decentralized Oracles, mixed Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and futarchy governance.

This meetup is for the people who wants to know more about evolution of blockchain technology, smart-contracts and oracle machine by example of Aeternity project, share thoughts and ideas, know each other.

Meetup/borrel Avond voor het Rotterdamse Crypto Netwerk - aeternity edition.

Come one come all Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency and altcoin traders, investors, speculators and other interested parties. This group is dedicated to the Aeternity blockchain and the possibilities it holds for the future of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and other fintech.

Московская встреча, посвященная Aeternity. Предназначена для людей, интересующихся технологией блок-чейн, смарт-контрактами, оракулами, а так же для текущих и потенциальны инвесторов.

Welcome to aeternity meetup @ City University of Hong Kong! Meet Yanislav Malahov - the "Godfather of Ethereum" and ask any questions about this innovative blockchain platform. Have fun with the team!

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