æternity brandguide v0.5

Logo Misuse

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be altered/modified. The following rules apply to both the horizontal and the stacked logo.

Color Swatches

The colors should represent the actions they are used for. For example, a neutral color should be used for actions, where the state of the aepp doesn’t change (such as copying an address). The dramatic color should be used for more substantial changes (such as making a transaction).

Color Gradients

When gradients are used, we use the neutral gradients for backgrounds and saturated gradients for the active and inactive elements.

Color Ratios

Main interfaces should be relatively neutral and make the user "feel at home."

Color Ratios

Some interfaces can be darker, to differentiate from the main interfaces. Use this color ratio in menus, headers, footers, etc.


Typography - Mobile

In our aepps we use the following sizes and weights.

Typography - Desktop

In desktop resolutions the headings can be larger for better readability.