aepp_sdk_elixir v0.5.3 API Reference


Module for Aeternity Naming System, see: Contains all naming-related functionality.

High-level module for Account-related activities.

Contains all chain-related functionality.

Module for Aeternity Off-chain channel activities, see: Contains Off-Chain channel-related functionality.

Module for Aeternity On-Chain channel system, see: Contains On-Chain channel-related functionality.

Contains the Client structure, holding all the data that is needed in order to use the SDK.

Contains all contract-related functionality.

Contains all generalized accounts functionalities.

A listener service that connects to peers in a network and notifies processes for new blocks and transactions.

A wrapper module for Aeternity middleware API calls. Contains all HTTP requests, exposed by middleware. Where it is possible, optional parameters are also supported, like "limit" and "page".

Account AeppSDK.Utils.

Chain AeppSDK.Utils.

Contains hash-related functions.

Key generation, handling, encoding and crypto.

Transaction serialization.

Transaction AeppSDK.Utils.