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TUTORIAL: How to Install Sophia Notepad++ Language Definition

Here are the steps to setup syntax highlighting for Sophia language in Notepad++.

The next steps are to implement language server and also a VSCode plugin for Sophia (something like this for Solidity).

1. Download and install Notepad++

Here is a link.

2. Set Dark Theme

Save the theme as .xml to Notepad++\themes (or where you chose to store the application data).

VS Dark Theme (mandatory): - Windows: The application data is either in %appdata%/Notepad++ or in your program files. - Linux (if installed via snap): The application data is in: /home//snap/notepad-plus-plus/common/.wine/drive_c/users//Application Data/Notepad++

3. Activate Sophia Definition

Save the Sophia definition as .xml, go to Notepad++. In the top bar select Language -> Define your language... -> Import and then select the xml file.

Download the Sophia definition here.