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TUTORIAL: How to Setup a Private Testnet on a Single Machine


  1. docker
  2. docker-compose
  3. æternity node source code

Running a local network

A small local network of three nodes can be deployed with docker-compose. These nodes will only operate locally and won't connect to the main network.

They run mean15-generic miners (fastest generic miner).

Their respective configuration files are docker/epoch_node{1/2/3}_mean15.yaml.

They are configured to connect to each other on start and all have the same mining beneficiary (ak_twR4h7dEcUtc2iSEDv8kB7UFJJDGiEDQCXr85C3fYF8FdVdyo), for more details on configuration see configuration documentation.

Both the external and internal API is exposed on the following ports: - node1 - port 3001 - node2 - port 3002 - node3 - port 3003

For example, to inspect the top block of node2:

curl http://localhost:3002/v2/blocks/top

API usage documentation

The documentation below assumes that current directory is that of the source code.

Before running make sure to pull the latest images:

docker-compose pull

Start the network in foreground mode (for log inspection purposes):

docker-compose up

Start the network in background mode:

docker-compose up -d

Stop the network:

docker-compose down

Stop the network and cleanup volumes:

docker-compose down -v

By default the default mine rate is 1 block per 15 seconds. It can be changed by setting the EPOCH_MINE_RATEenvironment variable. The variable is in milliseconds.

EPOCH_MINE_RATE=10000 docker-compose up

In case there are any other problems, please post your question in the æternity Forum.