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TUTORIAL: How to Run the æternity CPU Miner on Ubuntu 18.04


The instructions below assume that you have installed and configured your node (Ubuntu 18.04 / macOS Mojave).

Run automatically

Assuming that you have created and set up your epoch.yaml file:

  1. Under mining section, change the value of autostart to true
  2. Run your node (Ubuntu 18.04 / macOS Mojave)

Run manually

Assuming that you have ran your node (Ubuntu 18.04 / macOS Mojave):

  1. Attach to your node, using the command ./bin/epoch attach
  2. To start the mining process, type aec_conductor:start_mining(). in the interactive console. You should see ok as a result from the command.
  3. Check the miner's status by typing aec_conductor:get_mining_state().. You should receive running as a result.

Check miner status

  • In interactive console - type aec_conductor:get_mining_state().
  • In log/epoch_mining.log file - check for Starting mining message entries from the miner process. If something goes wrong, a corresponding [error] message will be added to the file.

Stop miner

To stop the miner, type aec_conductor:stop_mining(). in the interactive console.

Adjust miner executable

In order to change the miner executable and pass arguments to it, add the following in the mining section in epoch.yaml file:

            executable: mean29-generic
            extra_args: "-t 5"

Where: + executable is the chosen executable binary of the miner + extra_args is the arguments, passed to the executable binary; can be used to define the number of processing threads in order to optimize the process. Depends on your hardware - can be set to the number of your virtual cores

In case you experience any issues, please post your question in the æternity Forum.