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Documentation for the JS SDK


The Javascript SDK wraps the æternity API, as explosed by Node's Swagger file. It aims to abstract the API, while still providing low-level access when necessary.

It uses the following Javascript technologies and principles:


aepp-sdk is compiled to EcmaScript 5 through WebPack and Babel and is expected to work in any sufficiently new version of Node.js or modern web browser.

The minimum version Node.js is still expected to work at is 8.11.


aepp-sdk is built using pnpm. In order to build a development version, issue the build:dev command.

pnpm install
pnpm run build:dev

The WebPack compilation provides two different build artifacts in dist/, one for Node.js and one for browsers. When referencing aepp-sdk through any modern build tooling, it should pick the right one automatically through the entry points defined in package.json.


In order to add a local development version of aepp-sdk to a project, npm link1 can be used.