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golang sdk for aeternity blockchain Go Report Card GoDoc


download the latest openapi spcecifications

curl -o api/swagger.json    

replace every integer (int64) with a uint64 in the swagger.json (except for time) generate the client (using go-swagger)

rm -rf generated/* && swagger generate client -f api/swagger.json -A node  --with-flatten=minimal --target generated  --tags=external --api-package=operations --client-package=client


No matter what kind of transaction you're making, it always follows the same rules: 1. Find the account nonce, get the transaction TTL (in blocks) 2. Make the transaction 3. Sign the transaction with a given network ID 4. Broadcast it to a node of your choosing

The functions in aeternity/helpers.go will help you with these 4 steps, wrapping away the raw implementation details. They use the more barebones functions in aeternity/transactions.go.