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Aepp SDK Elixir

Elixir SDK targeting the æternity node implementation.


Ensure that you have Elixir and wget installed.

Setup the project

git clone
mix build_api v1.0.0-elixir v2.2.0

Where: - v1.0.0-elixir - OpenAPI client generator release version. - v2.2.0 - Aeternity node API specification file.

Example usage

Functions that make requests to a node require a client as their first parameter. A client is defined like so:
    public: "ak_aNC4vAk5RDQdDpWdReL9ou37fBvGVYoGDah6cL1GTva3WV3JU",
  }, # keypair
  "ae_uat", # network ID
  "http://localhost:3013/v2", # external URL
  "http://localhost:3113/v2" # internal URL

Deploy a smart contract:

iex> keypair = Utils.Keys.generate_keypair()
iex> network_id = "ae_uat"
iex> url = ""
iex> internal_url = ""
iex> client =, network_id, url, internal_url)
iex> source_code = "contract Number =\n  record state = { number : int }\n  function init(x : int) =\n    { number = x }\n  function add_to_number(x : int) = state.number + x"
iex> init_args = ["42"]
iex> Core.Contract.deploy(client, source_code, init_args)
{:ok, "ct_2sZ43ScybbzKkd4iFMuLJw7uQib1dpUB8VDi9pLkALV5BpXXNR"}