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Spend-to-Many Sophia example

Sophia Spend-to-Many contract example overview

This contract allows user to spend tokens to another accounts, by just calling spend_to_many(map_of_users) function.


Ensure that you have installed AE project

How to deploy the contract

aeproject deploy

This command will deploy the contract in the local network. The configuration of deployment is written in deploy.js file.

How to run the tests

aeproject test

All tests should be passing.

Implemented functionality

spend_to_many(map) - the function which takes a map(address,int), where address is a public key(address) of recipient and int is the amount of tokens which are going to be transferred. Return type is int, which, in successful case, will return the total amount of spent tokens. - The function will iterate through each key(address) and value(amount_of_tokens) of the given map(which is transformed to a list of tuples), trying to call a Contract.spend(address,amount_of_tokens) function at each iteration. There are also checks for the balance and each time contract tries to Contract.spend(address,tokens) . Unsuccessful calls will be interrupted by require(condition, error_message). Excess tokens will be sent back to caller, in order to prevent contract balance theft.