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SmartShop Sophia smart contract

Sophia SmartShop smart contract overview

This project implements basic Seller, Buyer and Transport behaviors. 1. SellerContract implements the following functions: - send_item() - check if the buyer deposit the price needed to the sellers contract and passes to the transport courier. - received_item() - the function has to be called from Buyer contract when the item is received.

  1. BuyerContract implements following functions:
  2. deposit_to_seller_contract(price : int, key : address) - the passing arguments are the price of the item and seller's contract address. There are functions implemented in Transport and Seller contracts, that we can call from Buyer contract, to check status of the item:
  3. check_courier_status(transport_contract_address : address) - will return the status of the order.
  4. check_courier_location(transport_contract_address : address) - will return the current location of the order.
  5. check_courier_timestamp(transport_contract_address : address) - will return the timestamp of last update.

  6. TransportContract implements following functions:

  7. change_location(timestamp : int, city : string) - updates last location of the item and the timestamp.
  8. delivered_item(timestamp : int, city : string) - finishes the delivery process of the item.
  9. check_courier_status() - returns current delivery status.
  10. check_courier_location - returns current location status.
  11. check_courier_timestamp() - returns last updated timestamp.


  1. The Buyer shoud deploy the BuyerContract first.
  2. The seller shoud pass buyer contract address and price of the item as arguments when deploying SellerContract. Note: The contract address should be decoded to hex. If you have aecli installed you can use the following command:
aecli crypto decode ct_2khXXwY54S2Aymh72fifRF9SrLGRpgqSpdvCEfys3aneYHn2uP

The output:

Decoded address (hex): f217c926bc5debf0e9a42b263ba2a8cddd7c49cc85631630632b272d0db85bdf

Then, prepend 0x to it:

  1. The Buyer should deposit the needed amount, by calling deposit_to_seller_contract(price, address), which takes 2 arguments : seller_contract_address and price_of_the_item. The price is set by the seller.

  2. The seller now should send the item, which will be redirected to transport courier. The function is send_item(). It checks if buyer had deposited the price of the item to the seller's contract.

  3. Transport courier should deploy the TransportContract passing current timestamp and location as arguments.

  4. Buyer can track the status of the item:

  5. check_courier_status(transport_contract_address : address) - returns current delivery status

  6. check_courier_location(transport_contract_address : address) - returns current location status
  7. check_courier_timestamp(transport_contract_address : address) - returns last updated timestamp

  8. Once the item is delivered, the courier should call delivered_item(timestamp : int, city : string) function, with current timestamp and location.

  9. To finalize the order, buyer should call received_item(buyer_contract_address) function, with BuyerContract address.

The amount of tokens, payed by buyer, will be sent to seller's account.