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SmartDataProvider Sophia example

Sophia SmartDataProvider example overview

This example implements 2 contracts and 2 behaviours- client-side and server-side.

Client contract's behaviour:

Client asks for the data (in our case - simply hardcoded exchange rates), the server, which uses oracles to provide an information (currently hardcoded).

Server contract's behaviour:

When server contract is deployed, contract's address will be registered as an oracle in Aeternity blockchain. The information(in our case - exchange rates) and contracts key are also initialized and stored at the time of contract initialization. Server makes validations of the request and returns a requested data.


Ensure that you have installed AE project

How to deploy the contract

aeproject deploy

This command will deploy the contract in the local network. The configuration of deployment is written in deploy.js file.

How to run the tests

aeproject test

All tests should be passing.

Implemented functionality

Client-side function:

  1. get_exchange_rate(oracle_interface, currency) - the function takes 2 arguments - oracle_interface which is the server-side contract's address and currency which is the name of currency. The return type of this function is a string.

Server-side functions:

  1. get_oracle_address() - the function which returns the oracle address. Return type is Address.
  2. process_response(oracle, query) - the function starts processing user's request, oracle is the key of the oracle, registered in a state of the server's contract and the query which is a request to the server. Return type is string.