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Aeternity node

A new blockchain for æpps.

Optimized for scalability via smart contracts inside state-channels.

Has a built-in oracle for integration with real-world data.

Comes with a naming system, for developerability.

Written in Erlang.

To install and run the Aeternity node, see the instructions below or just follow the progress of the project in Pivotal Tracker.

If you are interested in participating in a security bounty, check our HackerOne Aeternity Bounty Program.

What's on board

We keep our protocol, APIs and research spec in separate protocol repository.

The description of API: * Overview of the APIs * Intended usage of the user API

How to start

We publish packages for major platforms on GitHub. Each release comes with release notes describing the installation and configuration instructions of the Aeternity node.

Below is an overview of the installation process for different platforms, building the package from source, configuration and operation of the Aeternity node.

Please use the latest published stable release rather than the master branch. The master branch tracks the ongoing efforts towards the next stable release to be published though it is not guaranteed to be stable.


See the documenation on how to: * install the Aeternity node from the release binary * install the Aeternity node on Windows * install CUDA miner on Ubuntu

Building from source

See the documentation on how to build the Aeternity node from source.


See the documentation on how to configure the Aeternity node.

Running the node

See the documentation on how to operate the Aeternity node.


See the documentation on how to run the Aeternity node if you prefer Docker.

Additional resources